Some (Much needed) updates

Ok, firstly, I’ve  just finished February Choir Camp. Planning was very last-minute, as I’ve said during the debrief today, because of my underestimation of the amount of planning needed for the entire camp. Also because of the busy previous week preparing for Common Test One. Planning was done in class, during Recess, after school, and lastly, throughout the night to as late as 4am during camp itself. Therefore, I’ve gotten only 5 hours of sleep in the two days of camp. Extremely tired, but still had to do my own admin and homework, the day camp ended was spent very much at the computer, and I only slept for 9 hours that night, hardly enough to make up for the loss of 11 hours of sleep during the camp. This was the same for Sunday night, causing me to wake up late for school today. Strangely, I seem to have not learnt from my mistake, and am doing the exact same thing as I did the day before.

However, I felt that the planning for the camp was really satisfying, having come up with the various games. In a way, it feels kind of  good to be this busy as I know that I’m not rotting my life away, and I generally feel more productive.

So wordy my sentences have been, yes? I have been feeling very much like that these few days, God knows why. Maybe I’m just feeling debate-ish. (Did I just sounded Sim Christopher-ish?)

Words, words, words. In other related news, my entire class has failed the English Common Test. I really do doubt my teacher’s ability to properly convey the “proper” method of answering questions, as none of us seemed to have gotten it. I put inverted commas because I believe the method of answering questions required by the teacher isn’t really the only correct way. What may be proper to one person may not be to another, and the difference really is quite noticeable, in the area of the way she asks us to answer a question and how modern society does it. In other words, the teaching is fundamentally flawed.


In the second half of this post, I will try to be as wordy-less as possible.

I bought my Macbook Pro 15-inch last year in early September, and expected it to be perceived as new to me at least until April this year, a good 8 months. But recently, I got this shit in my inbox –


WHAT?!?!? 2 months early?? 720p HD FAceTIME CAmeRA????? 3X FAsTER GRAPHICS??????