The real Singaporeans

Obviously, the mainstream media has been thoroughly successful in convincing the people that Dr. Chee is a psychopath, an attention-seeker and does more harm than good. This, I speak from experience as well as observation. Before I watched the film “One Nation Under Lee” which exposed all the lies that the government sold to us, I was incredibly patriotic. Not to say I am not patriotic now, but I was extremely loyal to the country or rather, the government such that whenever anyone tries to criticize them, I would be filled with anger. After all, schools taught that Lee Kuan Yew heroically rescued us from the evil clutches of the communists and brought us to where we are today, a first world country. But I now realize that it is far from the truth.

As with my observation in sites such as YouTube, I found quite a number of “Netizens” who would loyally defend the government such that they would actually quote from the government’s words to argue with us. One such encounter was a commenter who kept saying that Dr. Chee Soon Juan is a psychopath. Obviously, these claim was by none other than our dear LKY, and when he made that claim, the whole mainstream media announced it like it was the biggest sporting event of the year.

Listen up Singaporeans. Why do you think there are opposition leaders who keep on fighting for freedom and democracy only to end up bankrupt again. Yet they still strongly believed in what they did. I do not think that they are mad, but rather, it is the great love they have for Singapore, such that should there be a wrong in society, they would be the ones who have the initiative to correct it. It is the fire in the hearts of these people, the passion that allows them to persevere on and continue fighting for Justice and Equality. These, are true Singaporeans, who fight for their, as well as fellow citizens’ rights and well-being. They are the ones who should be commemorated during National day, not the greedy MPs of the PAP.

If you want to know the truth of this "psychopaths" who fight to the death, I recommend reading online and not the mainstream media.

Here are a few good alternatives-

Happy National Day to all Singaporeans.


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