Singaporeans who do not care about fellow Singaporeans at all

Recently, I went to participate in the Anti-ISA event at Speakers Corner.

I rushed to Speakers corner after my CCA in school that day and even managed to convince two of my friends to go. However, not many people are like my two friends, open to alternative views and opinions. Some of my other friends tried to reason with me even, elaborating on the point that I could be arrested. Another friend just assumed I had "no life".

It wasn’t any better with my narrow-minded parents. We argued about me going to the event, to which they did not agree. They stated that I should not have gone to this event as I would get arrested sometime in the future, to which I replied that I did not care if I got arrested or not, as I am standing up for Singaporeans’ rights.

They ended off with saying that they do not care about rights and are satisfied with what the government is doing and agrees with every single thing they do. "If you side with the government, nothing will happen to you" was what my foolish mother said to me.

Until the day comes when the government does something that will hit this group of Singaporeans with this mindset hard in their pockets, they will not care about the situation in Singapore at all.

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2 thoughts on “Singaporeans who do not care about fellow Singaporeans at all

  1. Hi thr..This Khalis one of the organiser..If you have facebook account add me Muhd Khalis… Tkz for coming down

  2. I\’m so sorry for having a life and not being able to come down.Well, it\’s kind of interesting to see how much you actually see your mother as narrow-minded. Well, I suppose you could use "CONSERVATIVE" instead of "NARROW-MINDED" to make it sound nicer, but I suppose this rally does mean something.See your face and Phua\’s face. Who else went? It\’s kind of interesting to see your opinion, but I\’m one of those that must have solid proof to be able to attend these things. Solid proof does not come in newspaper articles.

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