President Obama Inauguration

Today, as President Obama is inaugurated president of the United States, we Singaporeans are stuck with a government that prohibits public speech and peaceful assembly, completely controls the media, continues to detain its citizens without trial, and manipulates elections.

Lee Kuan Yew claims that if he did not do what he did, we would not be here today. He claims that there would be chaos if democracy should become a reality.

Before 1963, the white community were fearful that if black people were given freedom and equality, chaos and crime would escalate. Dr King sought to dispel such an untruth. White America looks back today and see how foolish they have been.

Singaporeans are told that given freedom of speech and assembly, chaos and turmoil would engulf our country. We know that this is untrue. Let us not wait another 50 years to find out how foolish we have been.

Today, I argued with my social studies teacher about the political system in Singapore. He gives the same reason Lee Kuan Yew gave that we would not be here if not for the PAP. He admits that there is no freedom in Singapore but states that with freedom, there will be chaos. This statement contradicts what he said earlier that Good Governance should have equality for all and that every citizen is given a right to send feedback. He also said that the Judiciary system should be separate from the government so as to prevent the abuse of power.

I cannot stand another moment of this. Change has to come to Singapore. 


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