Choir trip to Budapest/Bratislava (Dec 08)

Events that occured:
Day 1- watched 3 movies and 3 shows on plane from SG to Amdsterdam.
Day 2- Bought "Detonator" at Amdsterdam airport. Plane Flight from
Amdsterdam to Budapest. 2 hour flight, had no entertainment system.
Reached Atlantic Hotel in Budapest. Still trying to get along with
Day 3-Sight-seeing. Visited Franz Liszt’s house. Bought sword and shield.
Day 4-Bus ride from Budapest to Bratislava. Checked-in at Astra Hotel. Performed horribly at the church.
Day 5-Sang at the choir festival. Much Improvement from the previous attempt. Starting to hate Barnabus.
Day 6-Judges announced we got a Bronze from Day 5. We sang "Joy to the world" in addition to our songs at the ceremony.
Day 7-Went to organiser’s church to sing. Went back to Atlantic Hotel in Budapest. Hate Barnabus even more.
Day 8-Went to the Bath. After the bath, my nose started to bleed. Whole
Choir got lost after missing a tram stop. Had to navigate in the cold
for at least 30 mins before finding our way back to Atlantic Hotel(Thx
to Ang Jian Bin). I made a conclusion-with enough willpower, you can
seem and act healthy even though you are sick. At night in the hotel,
Darien had written a horny letter to Teryne and apparently Ms Gan found
out. That’s all I can say. I really hate Barnabus.
Day 9-Sight seeing. Hate Barnabus even more. He has a stupid attitude
problem. He is too proud. Many people starting to hate him too.(for ex,
Day 10-Plane ride to Amdsterdam cancelled because of protest in
Airport. Our flight was delayed by an hour and we had to rush to the
next Plane in Amdsterdam. Mrs Leong fell sick and had to stay in
Amdsterdam. Mr leong accompanied her. Plane ride to SG.
Day 11-Came back to SG. Luggage and stuff all wet, probably because of temperature change.
Photos can be viewed here-

Stuck in Budapest…

Ok, I’m currently stuck in Budapest now, waiting for the locals to stop striking. That’s right, the Hungarian people are striking, not Thailand. It is now about 10.30am here and they started striking at 6am. Although this might sound unfortunate, it is actually quite fun. I’m at an internet cafe right now and I better type fast or they’ll charge me extra. Here’s what I concluded-
-Barnabus is a freak. I cannot stand him anymore.
-I’m starting to hate Jin Jia for his big mouth.
-You can avoid sickness if you want to. It’s all in your mind and how much will power you have. I concluded this after getting lost in the cold for at least 30 minutes and trying to navigate back to the hotel.
-We won a Bronze at the competition. I didn’t think it was that good, but it was an improvement. The choir really needs to focus more.

Thats it for now. I’ll upload pictures when I come back to SG.(If I make it, that is.)