Getting ready for Bratislava trip…

I’m here at home packing for the upcoming trip to Bratislava…well, actually we’re staying at Budapest Atlantic Hotel for the first 3 days, before going to Hotel Astra in Bratislava. The first hotel, Atlantic hotel is a 3-star hotel, and is a building in the middle of the street. From the website photos, it looks quite new. They also provide a Buffet Breakfast, luggage room and safe facilites for free, WiFi possibilities in lobby and restaurant, and in a lot of rooms. I’m not exactly sure about the second hotel, although I know that it is, too, a 3-star hotel. I’ve also read that the staff are not very fluent in english and very nervous. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this trip as I’ll be able to complete 2 tasks-

-do a survey on people on Bratislava about their tastes(refer to previous posts)

-restrain myself from my laptop for 11 days(I know its hard, but I have train myself for when school reopens, I’ll have to focus on my schoolwork)

So I guess I won’t be posting for the next 11 days(there goes 11 days of my runescape membership too), but I’ll still bring my DS. Here are two valid reasons-

-The chances of my DS getting found by my parents are high(oh yeah, I actually took my DS from my parents without them knowing), and even higher than my DS getting stolen or lost during my trip.

-The DS is not addictive. It is fun, but only for awhile. It acts more like a stress reliever and gets boring after a while(which is why I only played my DS once in the last 3 weeks).

AND here’s an invalid reason-

-I just downloaded Pokemon Ranger 2 and wanted to test it out.

Here’s what I’ve done:

-I have successfully packed my room to make space for more new books. Here’s what I’ve NOT done:

-I have not finished putting up Christmas decorations around the house.

-I have not completed what a certain verse in the Bible said: To love and not to judge.

I guess that is all, will be back in 11 days!(photos, must remember photos…)


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