Went to help out at animation lab today

I was awoken today by a call from Mr Finosh. He was asking…or rather, begging me to go help out with their project at the animation lab, but I was tired and didn’t feel like going. He was persistent and sounded desperate and kep on saying that he needed more manpower. In the end, it took him 15 minutes to convince me to go and help out.
It was not until I got there that he told me he had an ulterior motive for asking me to go. He wanted to hire me. Yes, that’s right. He wanted to make use of my computer knowledge. He knew all along that I was hacking the school computers, so he figured that he would get me involved in enhancing the secuirity of the school, in hope that I would give up hacking. Well, he half-succeeded. I promised that I would help out with the school secuirity, but I will not give up hacking. I will increase my knowledge further, with some help from google. Of course, I won’t be idiotic enough to cause harm and damage to my own secuirity system that I’m installing on the school(by the way, its Linux), but I’ll most definitely give myself special privileges.
Anyways, while I was there, I helped design their CCA logo, website and helped remix the introduction soundtrack. Too bad I won’t be able to go next week as I have to go on the choir trip, but I don’t think it’ll be necessary, since the workshop has been cancelled and they will be doing the same thing as what they did today.
One last note: I seem to be using alot of Windows Live services, such as Messenger, Mail and Spaces. Next thing I know, I’ll be using Live Search. . . ok, maybe not, I’m sticking to Google

2 thoughts on “Went to help out at animation lab today

  1. Maybe instead of posting about politics you could post starter videos on hacking and programming for noobs like me to learn about. :DIt\’s not that the school security system needs your help. It\’s just that they are stupid. They don\’t install anti-keyloggers, they install too many programmes which jam up the systems and they can\’t be bothered to secure administrator accounts. I ask them to put fingerprint scanners then you know. 😀

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