Concerning choir trip to Bratislava

Looks like my plan to convince the teachers-in-charge(that is Ms Gan & Mrs Leong) to let me bring my laptop to Bratislava has failed. Not only did I not manage to convince them, they have managed to convince me not to bring it…I don’t exactly consider that a loss, since they have managed to convince me, but I’m planning to convince them to let me bring my DS. Perhaps, I could establish an agreement with them on when I could play the DS and when not to play, so that they would feel more secure knowing that I would still pay attention to my group. I am, after all, the group leader.
Another problem that I have is sharing a room with Barnabus during the trip. Barnabus, in my opinion, is quite a nice boy, but he is too eccentric and hyperactive, and often asks ridiculous questions which makes you confused or makes you stare at him with a "duh.." look. He is childish and immature, who always shouts "Yay!" or "Rock On!" or "Awesome!" or "Cool, man!" or…you get the point. And he smiles ALL the time, which is kinda creepy. So I have to decide between these two solutions –
-Convince Ms Gan to let me swap rooms with someone else, which I think is highly unlikely to succeed, since she has already made it clear that we cannot swap rooms.
-Get used to Barnabus, which I think is IMPOSSIBLE…No matter, I think I’ll try. (If I don’t make it out alive, I’m giving my DS to christopher)
Topic: Taste Buds – genetics or through lifestyle?
I’ve been thinking about this topic for the whole day and I have found evidence supporting both sides so I don’t have a conclusion.
The evidence
-Taste Buds are from genetics, passed from one generation to another, which explains why we have different food all over the world and why most foreigners don’t like the taste of Durians.
-Taste Buds are developed through lifestyle. Taste buds act as a transmitter of different tastes to the brain, and the Taste Buds DNA can be altered according to what we eat from young.
I think I’ll have to interview some people from Singapore, and then some from the Bratislava trip.
Scientia Est Potentia

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