Why I’ve decided to blog

I know that I have never started a personal blog before.
I know that even though I, have been invited to contribute at other blogs such as TGOA, 2B08 and Saint’s Choir, I have never posted anything about my personal life. That was because, everything I knew was to be kept a secret, so that I could increase my knowledge in my interests…at least that was how I saw it. After all, knowledge is power, so why share it? 
However, I recently discovered a major flaw in this system – it is majorly frustrating to have an inspiration or a solution striking you at one point, only to have you forget it a few minutes later. So I’ve decided to keep track of my life, inspirations, discoveries and flaws, in hope that I might improve on them. What I post here is free for all to see, but not everyone will understand it. But why on a blog? Why not on Word or Notepad? Cause a blog is mobile and far more interesting.
So let me get this straight
This is My life, My data, and My headquarters where I can plot, scheme, and practice my Freedom of Speech…and no one, yes, no one, not even the PAP government can stop me. When I get ideas, I write them here, no matter how nonsensical it may seem. That is all…for now.

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